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Digital Scrapbooking.jpgDestroying Your Precious Photos And Still Preserve Your Special Memories

Introducing an All New Unique Template Collection That Helps You Create Stunning Scrapbook Pages With Very Little Work, And Absolutely NO Cutting Necessary!!


How can this be done? Digitally of course!

Digital Scrapbooking is gaining popularity rapidly throughout online scrapbooking communities. Unfortunately, digital scrapbooking supplies are few and far between. This template collection will change that, and F – A – S – T !

Practically everything you do to compile a physical scrapbook can be done virtually. It’s true! As a matter of fact, creating a digital scrapbook has certain advantages over the traditional method.

1. You can search for every tool you might need right from the comfort of your own home without ever having to leave the house.

2. It helps reduce the physical clutter scattered about your home since everything can be contained in one place, your computer!

3. No longer have a time consuming mess to clean up after your finished working.

4. Create lovely scrapbooks in half the time it would normally take you, and expand your collections infinitely without worrying about running out of room.

5. Share your photo collections in an unforgettable way with your family members both far and near by putting them online quickly.

Plus More!

Even if you’ve never before tried to put together a scrapbook, these templates will make it so easy, you’ll want to again and again! All you need is a computer, a .psd file compatible image editor, digital versions of your photos, and away you go.

This exciting collection contains 10 different templates to choose from, all of them uniquely styled. Take a look at the screen shots to see just what they look like.

Realizing that just these templates alone, although fantastic, aren’t quite enough to create something that is unique to your style, you will also receive some extra included tools.

  1. All The Fonts Used In The Templates – FREE
  2. Extra Set of PS Brushes To Create Unique Designs – FREE
  3. Collection of Seamless Original Backgrounds – FREE

With everything included, you could be creating digital scrapbooks in no time flat! And you’ll be creating something that has never been seen before anywhere else by using just a few of the free extras included.

While just getting everything listed above would be an outstanding value, here’s something that will make this collection even more valuable to you.

As an added bonus, this collection of templates comes with Full Resale Rights so that you can not only use them yourself, but you can sell them and make a profit too! This is a $49.95 value on it’s own, but yours Free when you purchase this super slick collection.

Add them to your existing template collections, sell them individually, put them inside membership websites, or sell them just as they are right here. It’s all up to you! The only thing you cannot do is offer them for free.

To help you more, you will also receive a copy of this very page when you’re ready to begin reselling it. Now, let’s quickly recap what you’ll be getting with your purchase.

  1. 10 Uniquely Designed Scrapbook HTML Templates with their .PSD files for simplified editing
  2. Every Single Font Used In Each of The Templates
  3. Original PS Brush Set To Make Your Designs Stand Out
  4. Collection of Seamless Backgrounds Made Just For Scrapbooking
  5. Full Resale Rights Giving You The Opportunity To Create Unlimited Profit Streams
  6. And, A Copy of This Sales Page For Easy Reselling

Grab Your Digital Scrapbooking Ebook And Templates With Mrr Now!

Money Back Guarantee (ANYTIME)


Digital Scrapbooking Ebook And Templates, MRR
Digital Scrapbooking Ebook And Templates, MRR
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