Say Anything To Anyone-Anywhere.jpgDevelop The Strength To Say No, The Courage To Say Yes And the Conviction To Convince Anyone

Table Of Contents
– 3 –
Chapter 1:
Why We Say Yes When We Want to Say No
Chapter 2:
When to Say Yes
Chapter 3:
When to Say No
Chapter 4:
The Dangers of Saying Yes Too Much
Chapter 5:
The Pitfalls of Saying No Too Much
Chapter 6:
Striking the Balance between Saying Yes and Saying No
Chapter 7:
Agreeing Elegantly
Ensuring You Do Not Come Across as Too Desperate
Chapter 8:
Refusing Politely
Ensuring There Are No Hurt Feelings
Wrapping Up

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Say Anything To Anyone-Anywhere Ebook, MRR
Say Anything To Anyone-Anywhere Ebook, MRR
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