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This isn’t going to be your typical article marketing guide even though. I’m by no means going to regurgitate the same information that you have read countless times. I have a unique way that I use articles that is a bit on the dark side. I do not do whatever illegal or break the TOS for any websites, but I do drive a ton of traffic with articles almost immediately with highly little effort on my part.

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Sure, if you are targeting a niche where you are trying to sell a
product to other Internet Marketers, they might know what’s going
on, but most niches out there, the general public will previously look at
you as an authority easily because your content is online. As soon
as they see your content YOU ARE an specialist.

Page 10
In my experience, the conversions from readers of these articles is
far better than what you can mostly expect from somebody just
stumbling upon your information. Being in these classifications is VERY
profitable. Trust me, Don and I have tracked the referrer URLS (the
originating articles) to establish this to be true.
The only trouble is, how do you get there? Well, in the past you
would be notified write good content and you will be rewarded, right?
Not so in this circumstance. Sure, good content is constantly a good thing,
but it won’t constantly, actually it will rarely get you put in the most
viewed or most published classifications.

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There are a couple of alternatives to do this. I am going to go through two
different efficient and proven techniques to get your self on this highly
coveted list in order to you can embark generating serious traffic to either
your compress page or even literally to an offer page.
The first method involucres using link bait. This can be completed by
optimizing a page, even one on a free site like blogger for a keyword
that is very uncompetitive yet very searched for.

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