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Anyone who has been online for any length of time has heard of master resell rights for information products. The mater resell rights are some of the most valuable rights that you can purchase especially when it comes to eBooks. Usually when you get master resell rights you will get a sales letter along with the product itself. This makes it easier for you to start finding customers and to start making profits right away. So what exactly are master resell rights for information products?

When you get resell rights with a product this gives you the right to sell that product and keep all of the profit. However, with master resell rights you get a whole lot more than that. You will not only be able to sell the product but you will also be able to sell the rights to resell it to other people who buy it from you. What this means for you is that you can resell the business opportunity by selling someone else the rights to use the information product, the sales letter and the chance to generate a great income for themselves.

How do you find the best master resell rights products to sell? One important thing that you want to take into consideration with master resell rights products is how long has the product been available for sale? You need to find out if the market is already saturated with this product. You may be able to make money with products that have been available for sale for a while even if there is a saturated market already. You will just need a list of people who have not already heard of this information product because they would be more receptive to buying it.

The easiest way to get this list is to find people who are brand new to the idea of a home business for making money online. This can be easier than it seems because there are new people coming online every day that are looking for ways to make money. This would give you a chance to make a good profit from the popular internet marketing and other master resell rights products that are available.

The biggest obstacle that you will need to overcome with master resell rights is to find a market that is hungry for the products that you are selling. Then it is just a matter of giving them what they are hungry for.

Master resell rights products will cost you a little more than the other resell rights products would. However, they also give you the ability to make even more money with them than the other types of resell products. You can sell the master resell rights products for a higher profit.

You want to make sure that you take the time to find the right master resell rights products before you buy anything. One of the best ones that you can buy is with a new product that does not have a saturated market and has not been sold for years. This will take you some time to find but if you are willing to look for them then you will have a much better chance of making money faster. This is because with the new products that have a hungry market already you will be one of the first ones selling it. So taking the time to find the best master resell rights for information products will be worth the time and effort you put into it. So do some research and take your time to find the right product for you to sell. You will not regret it especially when you start making big profits with it.

So you have finished writing your own e-book. Everything is already polished and it is now ready to be distributed. You have already done some promotion about it here and there. And you are now waiting for results to pour in.

However, there are some more ways that you can do to increase your sales through your e-book. Being the author of your e-book, you have all the rights to do whatever you want with it. You have the control over the contents of your e-book. With that fact, you have the master resell (or resale) rights of your e-book

Gaining the master resell rights of an e-book means huge profit and a return of investment that is unheard of in the outside world. If you have the master resell rights of an e-book, you have the right to sell the e-book to other people, and those who purchase it will also have the same right to sell it again to others.

How does master resell rights earn you a lot of money? Let us say you purchased an e-book with master resell rights for $47. Since you have the master rights, you will resell the e-book for the same price. Having just one sale already makes you break-even. Of course, you wouldn’t stop with just one customer. If you sell 11 more copies, that means a whopping 1000% profit just on that single e-book.

If you want your e-book to be viral, which means to spread out exponentially, applying the concept of master resell rights can be helpful. However, for it to get distributed easier in a short time, we must apply one principle of viral marketing. That principle is giving away something for free.

You may ask – how can you earn when you give away your e-book for free? Being the author of the e-book gives you full control on what is inside it. You can have as many links as you want inside your e-book. But just do not make the links too obvious for readers not to get skeptical about your e-book.

Those links that you put on your e-book lead to your site. So once a reader clicks on a link, it is already one possible customer for you.

But how do you make it viral? Giving away your e-book for free is just one part of the strategy. Yes, you can earn from there but not as much as you would of your e-book gets viral. So for that to happen, you can offer master resell rights of your e-book to your customers.

You can give an option to your customers to either get your e-book for free or add just a very minimal fee to obtain master resell rights for the e-book as well. But why would they pay for the master resell rights? It is simply because with that right, they can customize all the links of your e-book and change them with their own affiliate code.

Having their own affiliate code on those pages of your e-book will earn them commissions from your site. Other than that, having master resell rights will allow them to sell or give away your e-book to their customers, and those customers can do the same with their own set of customers.

With all those possibilities, they will definitely be motivated to pass more and more of your e-book. Not only do they earn commissions from your site, they also get some income by also selling master resell rights or just resell rights.

Once that happens, you will just realize that your e-book indeed has gone viral and your site gaining more and more traffic with increased sales as well. And all these happened just by giving away your e-book for free and adding master resell rights for a minimal fee.

There is no doubt that viral marketing is really the future of internet marketing. It guarantees huge outcome with only little effort and small cost on your part. Viral marketing will soon overcome all those traditional marketing and advertising where one should spend thousands of dollars just to gain maximum exposure.

So once you already have your product and have finished creating an e-book for that product, better start distributing it now and make it viral to maximize your profit to its full potential.

What is the key attribute that could drive the success of the Success University and Master Resell Rights Strategy?

Secret X Factor!

Not too long ago, two successful internet marketers utilized the same formula to gain success, namely, the “Secret X Factor.” The first marketer gained experience and success by building online X Factor and building name recognition in his field as he began his business. Again, he did with this with the Secret X Factor.

Of course, one of the problems this marketer faced was that he had a lot of competition in his field. Even though friends and colleagues told him that the field already had a lot of competition and that his success would therefore be difficult to attain as someone new to the field and therefore not an “expert,” he utilized the Secret X Factor to overcome this difficulty.

First of all, when one is first breaking into a new field, he or she must realize that even the “experts” were, at one time, newcomers to their field as well. Therefore, newcomers must realize that basically, they are on the same footing as the experts once were, and they, too, can attain the same level of success and expertise as the current experts have.

Second of all, every niche market is a gold mine waiting to be tapped. To do this, you just need to position yourself properly so as to gain the greatest benefit and therefore profits.

To establish much-needed and much-deserved X Factor in order to market his e-books, this marketer first used free reports to gain exposure, but then shifted to “master resell rights.” These master resell rights do two things for entrepreneurs of products such as e-books. The first one is that they can establish greater perceived value to the buyer, because oftentimes, buyers are getting free products and/or a reduced price from the reseller as compared to the original author or creator of the product or e-book. The second thing master resell rights can do is to encourage the resellers to sell the product for the original author. They also create X Factor for the author or creator of the product, because his or her name becomes increasingly well known as the product gains greater exposure.

This first marketer learned that this was the best method to use to gain exposure. Simply put, he saw that this method worked for other experts in their chosen fields and as a tried-and-true way to gain exposure and X Factor, he felt it was the best method utilized.

For the second marketer, the Secret X Factor created over $10,000 in sales for him in just a 24-hour period simply because he sent out a few e-mails. Even more remarkable, however, this marketer had no e-mail list or web site, as many entrepreneurs do.

This marketer stressed that one of the reasons he had such great success in just 24 hours is that people know that they can trust and depend on him. In addition, he is easily available to them by phone. He stressed that maintaining this trust, X Factor, and easy availability will simply draw people to you. One effective way of gaining this trust is to give them something that is of value to them. One good way to do this is to provide them with regular content that they find is of use to them. If you continue to provide this good content to your readers or subscribers, your X Factor will increase over time. Providing a forum and participating in it is also a good way to provide this type of information and in addition, it allows your subscribers to participate in the conversation as well.

Finally, this marketer states that to gain X Factor online and therefore increase the level of success you attain in your particular niche market, you must work to help solve your participants’ or customers’ problems. If you do this over time, you will eventually gain X Factor and “expert” status. Most online entrepreneurs want to gain instant “expert” status, but this is simply not realistic. This happens over time. This marketer states that what you should do instead is to focus on a single goal or strategy, and then hone and make it your area of expertise. In this way, your reputation will grow. As your reputation grows, so, too, will traffic to your site and ultimately, sales of your particular product or skill.

Owning Master resale rights products is one of the many ways that you can make money without having to put in any time or effort in producing a product, researching the market and producing a killer sales letter.

But there is a downside to resale rights, which many people who see resell rights products as their ticket to financial freedom don’t realise. Timing is everything!

Here’s a scenario that is played out day after day by hundreds of people.

You want to start making money on the Internet. You use the search engines to research what is selling, and find through reports and articles that master resell rights products are a great way to make money, as people want information or time-saving tools and are willing to pay for that information or software.

You decide to buy a master resell rights product, one that comes with an awesome per-written sales letter page. You download the product and the sales page.

You buy web hosting, you make the necessary changes to the sales page and upload it. All is set.

You then go about promoting that product, either through your own list (if you have one), or through paid advertising (you want to make money quickly).

You have spent your advertising budget and your costs are mounting. You see no sales. Hmmm.

You think, “well I have read that it can take up to 7 mails before people will buy”, so you send out further emails or buy more advertising.

Sales are slow, and you get some refund requests. What is going on? Why am I not getting the sales that were illustrated in the original sales letter that I read.

The answer, timing is everything!

Being a newbie, you haven’t had the experience to realise that this product has been about for some time. The product has already been oversold by either the original author and his/her affiliates or other people who bought the resale rights when the product was first released.

The thing with master resale rights products, and the way to make them pay for themselves quickly, is to be amongst the first to promote them.

How do you do that?

Most producers of master resale rights products, will promote their latest product to their own list or affiliates first, as they know that these people are more likely to buy the product than the perfect stranger who has had no previous relationship with the author.

So why not sign-up to their newsletter or join their affiliate program (they are usually free to join).

If they have a membership site that is within your budget, join it. Again, members will be the first to know about new products.

While others are slow to take up the opportunity, those in the know will be making good money with new release products.

Get yourself in the know!

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Smart Internet marketers know that buying master resale rights is a shortcut to getting products on the market. But did you know that Bill Gates and the Microsoft empire were built from purchasing master resale rights?

That’s right – the richest man in the world bought the rights to DOS, the operating system that began the Microsoft empire.

There are 5 important lessons Bill Gates could teach you about master resale rights.

1. Find a hungry market with a burning need and fill it.

Bill Gates read about the Altair 8800 computer in Popular Science in 1975. Realizing Altair needed a simple programming language to make the computer popular, Gates sold a version of BASIC to Altair before it was even written. Then Gates worked night and day with Paul Allen and Monte Davidoff to develop it. Microsoft was born.

In 1980, IBM created the desktop PC – but they didn’t have an operating system. Gates saw a burning need waiting to be filled, and learned a new lesson:

2. You don’t have to create a product to fill a need if you can buy the master resale rights instead.

IBM approached Bill Gates to create an operating system for the PC. Gates initially recommended they contact Digital Research to purchase their CP/M operating system. But those negotiations failed, and IBM came back to Bill Gates.

Gates learned that Tim Paterson of Seattle Computer Products had developed a clone of CP/M called QDOS. Microsoft bought the rights for just $56,000.

Of course you don’t have to invest $56,000 to get rights worth selling. Often you can buy master resale rights for $100, $50, even $10 or $20. You can even join resale rights membership sites and get thousands of dollars worth of products for a small monthly fee. Sometimes you can even find master resale rights products for free!

Why so cheap? Sometimes the products aren’t very good, but often they’re great products that weren’t marketed well. Not seeing the opportunity, people sell their work for almost nothing.

Smart marketers know that sometimes you can just rename a product or change the marketing and have a hit. This is where Bill Gates could teach us the third lesson:

3. Repackage or rebrand, change the marketing approach, and build your own brand.

QDOS stood for “Quick and Dirty Operating System.” IBM might have bought it even with a name like that, but being a savvy marketer, Gates decided to rebrand it. He dubbed it “PC-DOS,” for “PC Disk Operating System.” He targeted it squarely at IBM – and they bought it, big time.

When PC clones hit the market, Gates saw another hungry market with a burning need. Microsoft quickly rebranded DOS, dubbing it “MS-DOS” for “Microsoft Disk Operating System,” thus building the Microsoft brand at the same time. The rest is history.

Resale rights products are often widely available. If you do the same thing as everyone else, why should someone buy the product from you? But if you take the time to repackage or rebrand the resale rights where permitted, you will have a unique product you can market to a hungry audience with a burning need. Because the next lesson we can learn from Bill Gates is:

4. Just because someone else didn’t become a billionaire with the master resale rights for a product doesn’t mean you can’t. Use your brain and figure out how to do things better.

Success in any business is often as dependent on intelligence, motivation, and marketing as it is on the product itself.

Others created the BASIC programming language, but Bill Gates repackaged it and sold it to Altair. Digital Research had a perfect operating system for the PC, but they missed out. Tim Paterson created the DOS operating system that would run every PC in the world. But he sold it to Microsoft for $56,000. Bill Gates is now worth an estimated $51 billion. Forbes magazine says he is the richest man in the world.

Realizing he had a hungry market with a burning need, Gates saw opportunities that others missed, took products that were relative failures, and built a multi-billion dollar empire.

Not everyone is Bill Gates, but don’t you think we all have opportunities that we either take or miss? And don’t you think we sometimes settle for less than we could have?

That brings us to the final lesson that Bill Gates could teach you about master resale rights:

5. Don’t sell your life for almost nothing.

Bill Gates took opportunities that others had and did something with them. Do you think Bill Gates would ever sell the master resale rights to all of the Microsoft products for $10?

Of course not! Yet you will often see people selling master resale rights to great products for less than you’d spend for dinner! They don’t realize they are selling their life for almost nothing.

You can’t go far on the Internet without someone promising you that you can make a million dollars by selling their product. Do you realize how many $10 products you would have to sell every day to make a million dollars a year? 274! Each and every day, 365 days a year. Wouldn’t it be easier to sell 27.4 copies of a product every day for $100 each? Or a $30 monthly membership to a site 8 times a day?

You’re not going to see Microsoft selling the next version of Windows for $10 each, and you shouldn’t sell yourself short either.

Don’t drop your price. Build your marketing skills instead. Find a hungry market with a burning need. Fill it by creating your own repackaged, rebranded product from other people’s master resale rights products. Use your brain and figure out how to do it better. Don’t sell your life for nothing. Charge a higher price and make it worth it to people. Fulfill their need and you’ll have no shortage of business.

Having the Master Resell Rights means that you don’t have to spend weeks or months creating your own product to sell. In addition, you don’t have to spend time writing Sales Letter and follow-up email messages from scratch. You have cut short your setting up time by weeks or months.

You have a great product with full Master Resell Rights, sell it to one customer, keep 100% of all the money, and the process went on and on, if you keep doing your promotion.

The power in Master Resell Rights product is when your own customers become a Reseller themselves. Their customers can also do the same thing, as well as their customers and so on. You’ll be creating an army of Resellers from your own website in an instant.

Although you get to keep all the profit, the money will only stop flowing in your bank account once you stop your marketing effort. This is just the same as promoting any affiliate programs. Then what is the use to have your own Master Resell Rights product in the first place? How to make your one time sale turn into recurring income?

The secret lies in your Web Hosting Account.

Why? Simply because once you have become a Reseller of any product, or you want to try out any Internet Business, you’ll need to set up your own website, Sequential Autoresponder System, Contacts Database, Pop-Up Window, Hosting Account, and so on.

It really sounds like a lot of hard work. But if you manage to have a Web Hosting Account that provide all the above, and that if your Customers who want to be Resellers (or do another Internet Business) were to go to the same place, you’ll be paid a commission on your Customers’ hosting fees, as well as your Customers’ Customers’ hosting fees, and your Customers’ Customers’ hosting fees, down to multiple level deep.

In other words, you’re going to be paying for hosting anyway, so why not get a host that comes with practically everything (Contacts Database Software, Sequential Autoresponder System, Pop-Up Window Generator, Fast Track Team, and many other more) you’ll need to get going quickly and effectively in one place that also PAYS YOU BACK for your referrals and your Customers’ referrals to it down to multiple level deep?

Think about what you’ll be getting. A 100% full profit on your Master Resell Rights product and recurring commissions from your Web Hosting Account. We are not talking about $100 or $200 per month, but up to $10000 per month. Yes, you can get this much money every month once you and your Customers have become a successful Reseller. The potential on how much money you’ll make is just limitless.

You may need 5 to 6 months to achieve your 5-figure income being a Solo Reseller, but if you have multiple Resellers under you, it may takes only weeks to achieve the 5-figure income that you always dreamed about.

There are several free Web Hosting Account on the Internet that you can use but it will not fatten your bank account gradually. By using the free account, you simply do not make full use of your Master Resell Rights product.

So therefore, it is up to you as Internet Marketers to decide which one is the best for you to reach your goals and dreams in shortest period of time. If you really want to leverage on your Master Resell Rights product and be on your way to financial freedom, all you need to do is take this one simple step by getting a great Web Hosting Account.

Owning a website can and should be a very profitable endeavor. A good way to make money online is by selling ebooks and software with Master Resale Rights. Below are the top reasons Master resale rights are a viable web business solution, and why it needs to be something every web marketer should consider.

1. You don’t have to make up any content. This is perhaps the single most important reason Master Resale Rights are a good web business decision. Every web business needs a product to sell, and with master resale rights, you do not have to create anything. All of the content is done for you. You now have a ready made product that you can sell for any price you want.**

**Please note: Most resale rights packages give you free control over pricing, however some packages have a minimum package price. This is necessary as to not undervalue the package itself. As a business owner, it is important to have a competitive price, but you do not want to make the price so low that it makes the package appear to be worthless. Placing minimum prices helps to keep the package value high so it does not become “just another junk eBook with resale rights.” Please try to adhere to the pricing set by the original content creators.

2. It can be completely automated with no warehousing. Because the products you are selling are electronic, there are no physical goods to move or store. This makes storage and delivery completely free, as everything can be delivered through email, or through a download on your website. You can even set your business on “autopilot”, so once a purchase is made, the customer is automatically delivered the link or email. This makes each transaction hands-free, and allows you to spend your time where it is needed most. (Like with your family/friends/dog/xbox.)

3. Most ebooks and software with Master Resale Rights have a pre-made sales page. This alone could save you hours of frustration. Every webmaster knows creating a good sales page is a difficult task, but most resale rights packages have already done this for you. Most of the sales pages are written by professionals and are very well done. Because of this, most do not require any changes however, you do have the option of editing the sales page to your liking if you feel it needs some touch ups to really shine.

4. You keep 100% of all profits earned. Unlike affiliate programs where you get only a percentage of each sale, with master resale rights you get to keep all of your profits. You only pay a one time fee to acquire the product and resale rights, then you will never have to pay another dime again. There are no royalties or other fees to pay either. Why join an affiliate program that gives only 30% commissions, when you can have 100% of all profits made by your site with the same amount of effort?

5. You can repackage your Master Resale Rights products. You can create an entirely unique, “brand new” package by combining 2 or more ebooks together to create a resale rights package that is exclusive to you and your site. This gives you an advantage over every other site selling similar products, by making your packages unique. This uniqueness gives your package more value, making the customer more likely to purchase from you.

As you can see, master resale rights are a very profitable business solution for any web business, or it can be a valuable addition to any existing web site looking to branch out to improve its bottom line. With billions of dollars in annual sales of ebooks, software, and information products, there is not an easier way to make money from an already popular trend in online marketing.

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