Private label rights products are like giant blocks or steps to building an instant Internet empire. You get to skip many smaller steps in between and focus on the growth end, i.e. the marketing and sales end much faster than if you had to start from scratch. Take a look at the building blocks involved.

Solid Foundation

When you purchase private label rights products, you are purchasing your empire’s foundation. You have in your hands immediately a solid business system of product creation.

Your private label rights products are ready. Simply use them ‘as is’ or modify them a little with your own added content like case studies, quotes and statistics or your own comments, photos or other content to fill out your products.

Firm Structure

To develop the inner structure of your empire, start with each private label rights product. Develop an inner monetizing structure so that it generates income for you by branding it with your own contact or company information and link. Then sprinkle affiliate links throughout for products that are compatible with your ebook’s content, enticing backend sales from readers. And then insert banner ads, sponsor ads, a Classified Ad page at the end as a Resource page, maybe, pay-per-click ads’whatever works well to compliment your content.

Outer Growth

Then grow your empire by marketing your own packaged private label rights products. Start with what you have, revise their content plus add your own, so that it differs greatly from that of others who may be using it. Then slap on your content information with website link that houses your lead generating opt-in form. And sell through your website.

Grow your empire strategically, too, not just upwards, but outwards. In other words promote your individual private label rights products, but also cross promote, seek repeat sales, to up sell and ask for referrals. There are hundreds of ways to expand in this manner, but here are some basic ones:

1.Set up one autoresponder with its own lead generating form for each product. Then insert ads or announcements between the series, inviting subscribers of one product’s message series to sign up for that of another.

2.Set up an affiliate program and entice your customers to sell to their friends and family, earning a percentage along the way for their efforts. This nets you a sales force and extra income potential quickly.

3.Bundle larger priced packages and up sell to initial buyers who came in buying your $17 ebook, for example. Market your $37 audio package with report.

4.Check with your private label rights program and if your products have been revised enough, turn them into your own private label resell rights products and programs, too. Or split up the content and set up a membership site with it, inviting forum postings, photo sharing and more.

There are many more ways to grow your instant Internet empire. Stop in at the U.S. Small Business Administration website for free help, too.

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