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Software Developers: Make Money by Selling Your Product’s Resale Rights

Do you have experience working with software? Millions of Americans do. Unfortunately, many of those individuals are not putting their talents to use. Instead of creating their own unique products, many are working to create products for someone else. If you are interested in financially supporting yourself, without having someone to report to, you are advised to examine what private resale rights can do for you.

Private resell rights are what many product creators, including software designers or developers, offer for sale. After creating a product, they do not try and sell it on their own, instead they sell the rights to another individual. That individual will then be responsible for selling the product. Popular private label resell right products include, but are not limited to, e-books and software programs. This means that if are able to create a unique, but helpful software program, you could start making money in no time at all.

The first step in getting started with this amazing opportunity is to examine all of the programs that you can create. When it comes to software, many individuals feel that they have to create a top of the line product. The reality is that you only need to create a software program that will be used. For instance, did you know that a software program could actually be used to assist daycare providers, among other professionals. There are many daycare providers who need a way to organize all of their paperwork. A professional software program will allow them to do this, in a matter of minutes. Daycare software programs are just a few of the many programs that you can make; in fact, the possibilities are literally endless.

After you have made the decision to design a software program, you will need to start work. After that work has been completed, you can easily make quick money. Instead of trying to market and sell your own program, you can rely on someone else to do it for you, while being paid at the same time. This is done by selling the private label resell rights to your program. With selling the rights, you will be paid upfront for your product. This means that you will no longer be responsible for it.

Although selling the resale rights to your software is great way to make fast money, there are many software developers and designers who are afraid of losing their hard work. By offering your resale rights through a private label, you are essential giving the buyer the ability to change your work. One of those changes may involve claiming themselves as the product creator. This is how most private label resell rights work; however, you may be able to generate a list of rules or restrictions. However, if you decide to do this, it is important to do it before offering your product for sale. The number of restrictions you have placed on your product may have an impact on how much your program sells for.

If you are interested in making money from this amazing business opportunity, you may want to learn more. You can easily examine how much money you should be able to make by examining the current software programs that are available for sale. It is important to keep in mind that different individuals charge different amounts of money for their products. One individual may be advertising their resell rights for one thousand dollars, but that does not necessarily mean they will receive that amount. When starting any business, even your own software design business, you are advised to think reasonably. It is one of the keys to making money through private label resell rights.


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Beep, beep, beep, goes the alarm clock a lot of times you wake up before the sun. Not cool. Well are you sick of it? Well what if I told you that there was a way to make money without the nine to five job that you despise? Would you read the rest of this article? I bet that you would.

Well I am about to tell you about a way that you can generate profit with very little overhead and without stocking inventory in your house or making sales calls. This is a way that has been making many, many people money and anyone can do it. If you have an internet connection and a computer then you can get into the business of selling digital products with resell rights. In this article you will find out how to sell digital products with resell rights and make a profit.

You may be wondering what digital products are well they are typically information products that you can get digitally or over the internet. Information products are products that provide the reader with information. Digital products do not have to be all about information but most of them are. Digital products include but are not limited to e-books, articles, reports, software, multimedia, e-courses, learning programs, tutorials, consultation and many, many more digital products are available, this was just to name a few.

When people that do not have jobs on the internet get online it is for information purposes. People get online and search for information about different topics so why not get into a business that helps people as well as makes you money. There is money to be made when selling digital products with resell rights.

So just what are resell rights? Well I am just about to tell you. I will use a digital product such as an e-book for all of my examples. If you write a e-book you the author can sell resell rights as well. Resell rights give people who buy for instance your e-book the right to resell your e-book to other potential customers for a profit. There are such things as limited resell rights for instance you the author only sells 100 resell rights so you sell your e-book to 100 people and then they can only sell your e-book.

When you have unlimited resell rights then you can sell to as many people as you can and they can sell to as many people as they can and this makes your e-book a lot less valuable because if thousands of people are selling your e-book then they are not coming to your web site to buy your e-book they are going to someone else so when selling resell rights it is better to sell limited resell rights because you can make sure that the price will not decrease.

So selling digital products with resell rights is really quite easy all that you need is to is have a internet connection a computer and information you can even write your own e-books or you can buy just one e-book and then when you sell just one you have made your money back and then you make straight profit from then on. That is what I meant earlier in this article about very little overhead.

Whether you decide to quit your full time job and work at this full time or you decide to make extra cash and try this type of business part time, selling digital products with resell rights just might be the business that you have been looking for. This is becoming very popular so do not waste anytime and research and start your at home business selling digital products with resell rights today.

What the heck am I talking about?

Let me tell you that this will be one of my ‘Chilli Pepper’ articles, it’s HOT and very controversial.

If you’ve spent anything more than 5 minutes in the Internet Marketing world, you will most probably come across something called ‘Resale Rights’ / or often called Reprint Rights.

This is where the creator / owner of the product, which could be an ebook, course, script or software, gives you permission to sell the product -and typically to keep all the proceeds – i.e. 100% profit to you.

Sounds good?

Hold on”.. it gets better (or worse depending on your point of view).

Often, if buying Resale Rights, you are granted ‘Master Rights’ – this is the right to pass on the resale rights to other people. You could a step further, and often you can get the right to pass on the Master Rights to others.

This can be a Catch-22 situation. Whilst selling to someone the ‘right’ to sell to others the right to sell a product may sound good, and indeed there are many out there in cyber-land who love to buy resale rights and master rights, it can also cause a few problems.

If YOU are selling master resale rights, which in turn allow others to sell master rights, which then allow their customer to sell rights, and so on” before long, the market is saturated with your product – and it can no longer be sold.

Here it will end up in the bargain-bin, or piled together with a load of bonuses to sell something else. If your product really is any good, it will soon be devalued, as many people look at bonuses or freebies as worthless. While some try to sell it, others are simply giving it away for free.


That’s how things USED to be.

Resale Rights were often sold by the creator(s) of products, after they had been selling the product for quite some time, made a bucket-load of cash, saw that the sales were dropping off, and have created a new product to replace it.

So, they decided to cash-in one final time on their product, and allow others to sell – for it a license fee. The creator has already moved on from this product – but he/she now makes another little pot of gold by selling X-hundred resale licenses at $xxx each.

The ‘market’ was becoming very wary and wise to this, so now the flavour of the month is to sell ‘White Label’, or ‘Private Label’ or fully rebrandable rights to products.

In theory, this is GREAT! You take a fully (or very nearly) completed product. Finish it off, perhaps add a little here and there, give it a name, create some graphics -and off you go! It’s the guts of a great product – for you to take away and create your very own product. Very often, as we have seen more and more of these recently, you are given the ‘source-code’ files, to do with as you please.

The ‘source code’ is the engine of the product – usually everything you need to develop your own version.

Sounds good?

In theory – YES.

In practice – it can be disappointing. Not because the product is poor – NO. Usually the products are very good. But because of how others abuse the rights and the source code.

Herein lies the problem. Whilst you could easily fork out $197, $297, $397, $497 and much more for the ‘Source Code Master Resale Rights’ of a product – or even a bunch of products, within a matter of minutes, I GUARANTEE you that someone else is already selling the complete, entire package elsewhere for a fraction of the price.

Rather than taking the product, creating something with it, selling it, and then trying to use the Master Resale Source Code Rights as an ‘upsell’ – they are simply selling the entire package, untouched for silly prices.

This really does belittle and devalue the main package. And of course, will annoy the hell out of all those who paid full price for the package in order to set up some good products of their own.

Somewhere, there is some rule, or Law or something, which legally means that the original seller of the package (Master Rights, Resale Rights, Source Code etc) – CANNOT legally enforce a minimum selling price for these items.

Where that emanates from, I have no idea. But many internet marketers know they cannot force anyone to sell their resale rights product, for a set minimum amount.

So, they buy the resale rights, which the seller *indicates* a minimum resale price – but they ignore this, and resell it for 1/10th of that price. Which makes it look cheap and nasty.

What’s the point of the article?

1. To make you aware of the problems that this little sector is facing, and how you could be feeling rather sick within hours of splashing out hundreds of dollars on Rights to something you believed would be a good product for you.

2. The internet is a BIG place – so although there are a few that spoil things, they certainly haven’t got the market sewn-up, and there are likely to be many other people out there willing to pay a *fair price* for your product.

3. If you are thinking about issuing Resale Rights, Master Rights, Source Code rights to YOUR product(s) – just think of everything mentioned above.

4. If you buy these Rights, and soon see lots of others promoting the very same product or package for a stupidly low price – be different. NO – don’t undercut their price, just make YOUR package irresistible by adding more features, more support, more bonuses – or even better, simply IMPROVE the product and then sell it.

5. The best way to avoid this ever-growing problem, is to create your own product. That way, it’s YOURS, your OWN it, you control it. And there’s not hundreds of others trying to give it away for (next to) nothing!

Don’t necessarily jump in to buy the latest Master Rights / Source Code offer. If you pay full price, someone will be offering the same package for pennies on the dollar, before you’ve even downloaded yours! Wait and see!

Don’t necessarily buy every Resale Rights, Master Rights, Soruce Code offer that flies around…… a lot is simply not worth it. Be choosey…… be selective…. go for quality rather than quantity…..


Writers, Make Money with Private Label E-books Resell Rights

In the past, whenever a reader wanted to pick up a book they often went to their local library or book store. Now, more readers are getting their books online. These books are being marketed as e-books. E-books come in a format that is easy to read off of the computer, but they can also be printed. If you are an experienced writer, you may be able to make money by creating your own e-books.

If you are interested in taking part in this money making opportunity, you will first have to find a topic that will inspire readers to purchase your material. This can easily be done by using the internet. You will want to look for popular topics that are being discussed online. It may also be a good idea to see if any e-books are already available, especially those with the topic that you intend to write on. You can still write an e-book on a popular topic, even one with numerous e-books already available; however, it may be more difficult to sell your completed e-book.

After you have found a topic and completed writing, you will then have to make an important decision. This decision may not only have an impact on how much money you make, but how much work additional work will be required. That decision is whether you want to sell your own e-book or have someone else do it for you. As you may assume, there are a number of advantages and disadvantage to each. To select the best option, you are advised to fully examine the advantages and disadvantages. Doing so will allow you to make a more informed decision.

If you decide to sell your own e-book, you will find that it not only takes time, but money as well. Customers cannot purchase your e-book if they do not know that you have created one. For this reason, you will have to effectively market your e-book. This may involve the creation of a website and multiple informational articles. You will need money to design and develop your own website. If you are unfamiliar with web design, you may even need to hire the services of a professional website developer. If time and money is something that you do not have, you may want to examine private label resell rights.

Private label resell rights are how many individuals are making money nowadays. If you make the decision to have someone else sell your creation, you may want to take this route. In a way, you will be giving away your e-book, for a fee of course. The person who purchases the resell rights to your e-book will then be able to sell it to the general public. This person will likely to be experienced in product advertisement. In addition to being experienced, these individuals are will likely have the time to market your e-book, whereas you might not.

When it comes to offering your e-book resell rights for sale, you will have a number of different options. There are many authors who allow their resell rights purchaser to alter their material and then claim the creation rights; however, this is not always the case. By creating your own contract or user agreement, you should be able to stipulate what you want and do not want done with your e-book.
The individuals who purchase the right to resell your e-book will make an unspecified amount of money off the sale. Many times, the amount of money they make will depend on how much work they put into marketing the e-book. While you may be interested in pocketing this money yourself, it is important to understand how resell rights work. When offering your e-book resell rights for sale, you can put any price tag on it that you would like. This means that that you can control how much money you make.

If you are interested in creating e-books for the purpose of offering private label resell rights, you are urged to start examining your options. As the popularity of private label resell rights increases, you may soon find that so does the competition. To make money off of this opportunity, you are encouraged to act fast before someone else creates an e-book just like yours.


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Writers, Make Money by Creating and Selling Private Label Articles

Are you a freelance writer looking for work? In the Untied States, there are thousands, if not millions, of individuals who are making a career as a freelance writer. The only problem with this is that there are a limited number of money making opportunities. As the internet has increased in popularity, so have the number of ways that clients are able to obtain content for their websites. If you find yourself looking for ways to pay your bills, you may want to examine private label articles and what they can do for you.

When you create private label articles, you will not need to have a client. Instead of being told what to write, you can write on any topic that you desire. However, as you are most likely already aware of, it is best to write articles on popular topics. Website owners are the most common buyers of content articles. This is because original content may help to increase their search engine rankings, increase their website’s visitor count, and make their website more interesting. In most cases, website owners only purchase content that is popular at the moment. That is why it is a good idea to make sure you are writing marketable articles.

Traditionally, after you write your own articles, you will begin searching for a buyer. If you have already tried selling your articles this way, you are probably aware that it is not as easy as it sounds. Finding buyers will not only take time, but it may also take money. In the past, if you didn’t have time or money you would be out of luck. Now, you can allow others to sell your content for you. This is done by making the private label resell rights to your content available for purchase.

With private label resell rights, someone will buy the resell rights to your articles, often in large quantities. It will then be their responsibility to market and sell them. Depending on the agreement you and the buyer make, the buyer may be able to claim the content as their own. In addition to claiming your content, they may also be able to alter it. If you do not want your content altered, you will just have to outline it as a stipulation in the user agreement.

When offering your article rights up for sale, your first thought may be to keep everything the same, including your name as the author. While there are advantages to doing this, it may have an impact on how much you are able to sell your resell rights for. Many buyers prefer purchasing a product, including content articles, which they can not only alter, but claim as their own. By allowing this to take place, you should be able to charge more money for the resell rights.

If you are interested in selling the resell rights to your content, you will have to find a prospective buyer. This is often compared to finding a buyer for your own articles, but it is often easier. As soon as you make your opportunity available, you should begin to see results. This results will often be inquires or sample requests. If a prospective buyer is pleased with what they see, they may agree to purchase the private label resell rights to your content; thus ending your responsibility.

If you are unsure about this unique money making opportunity, you may want to, at least, give it at try. If you are unable to sell the rights to your private label articles you can then return to what you were doing before. One great source to present your articles to is, they buy a large volume of articles. If you do find success, as many writers have, you don’t have to stop there. You could continue to write content articles only to sell their resell rights. In fact, if you had a successful relationship with a previous buyer, there is a good chance that the buyer may return for more of your handcrafted articles.


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Private label rights products are like giant blocks or steps to building an instant Internet empire. You get to skip many smaller steps in between and focus on the growth end, i.e. the marketing and sales end much faster than if you had to start from scratch. Take a look at the building blocks involved.

Solid Foundation

When you purchase private label rights products, you are purchasing your empire’s foundation. You have in your hands immediately a solid business system of product creation.

Your private label rights products are ready. Simply use them ‘as is’ or modify them a little with your own added content like case studies, quotes and statistics or your own comments, photos or other content to fill out your products.

Firm Structure

To develop the inner structure of your empire, start with each private label rights product. Develop an inner monetizing structure so that it generates income for you by branding it with your own contact or company information and link. Then sprinkle affiliate links throughout for products that are compatible with your ebook’s content, enticing backend sales from readers. And then insert banner ads, sponsor ads, a Classified Ad page at the end as a Resource page, maybe, pay-per-click ads’whatever works well to compliment your content.

Outer Growth

Then grow your empire by marketing your own packaged private label rights products. Start with what you have, revise their content plus add your own, so that it differs greatly from that of others who may be using it. Then slap on your content information with website link that houses your lead generating opt-in form. And sell through your website.

Grow your empire strategically, too, not just upwards, but outwards. In other words promote your individual private label rights products, but also cross promote, seek repeat sales, to up sell and ask for referrals. There are hundreds of ways to expand in this manner, but here are some basic ones:

1.Set up one autoresponder with its own lead generating form for each product. Then insert ads or announcements between the series, inviting subscribers of one product’s message series to sign up for that of another.

2.Set up an affiliate program and entice your customers to sell to their friends and family, earning a percentage along the way for their efforts. This nets you a sales force and extra income potential quickly.

3.Bundle larger priced packages and up sell to initial buyers who came in buying your $17 ebook, for example. Market your $37 audio package with report.

4.Check with your private label rights program and if your products have been revised enough, turn them into your own private label resell rights products and programs, too. Or split up the content and set up a membership site with it, inviting forum postings, photo sharing and more.

There are many more ways to grow your instant Internet empire. Stop in at the U.S. Small Business Administration website for free help, too.

Private Label Rights are a powerful business concept for many reasons but the most obvious is for the type of income it can provide webmasters. It is so powerful that many fortune 500 companies have used them, some are still using this business model to build their multi-million dollar empire.

So why cannot the average person do the same?

The answer is average people are already running some great home-based businesses using private label rights products. Are you one of them? If not, now is an excellent time to get started.

Millionaires have taken notice of PLR as a home-based business opportunity that average people can work into and build wealth.

PLR is a huge, thriving industry in spite of all the negative publicity it receives in the media from PLR enthusiasts. Many millionaires express how PLR is a wonderful opportunity for anyone interested in building a home-based business without having to work from scratch.

Can you use some extra income?

Most consumers would probably answer yes to this question. Everybody can use extra income every month. But where is this extra income going to come from?

One obvious solution would be is to get a second job. This option may seem to be the best solution but is really not. This is because the time you spend on your second job and the money you receive after taxes is not enough.

Of course you will have to consider your reasons for getting a second job and why you need the extra income to determine if getting a second job is really the right solution for you.

However, on the other hand, you can start working on your own part-time home-based business using PLR as your business opportunity. You can get started in the industry for nearly nothing. This is a big plus.
How can you start working in an private label rights products home business opportunity you have heard so much about?

Getting started has become so easy that anyone can get started even if you do not have a dime to invest in your start up. The key here is to simply get started then never quit.

Many legitimate PLR home business opportunities will allow you to get started for under $10. for web hosting to sell your products.You can even find free opportunities with little or no overhead expenses and with great support from other members in forums as well as the parent companys.

There are many companies will provide all the tools and system for you. You simply add your sweat PLR products, your working commitment, and persistence to the PLR home business opportunity.

Remember to choose a well-established company that offers quality products or services with an excellent management team and support to their distributors.
One of the best recources I have found for private label rights products is

Another important key factor is your commitment to the company and its products and services. Working for a home business opportunity means that you should be a bona-fide user and marketer of the products and services you want to earn extra income from.

In conclusion, PLR is a smart business opportunity sense for anyone wishing to start working at home. It cost next to nothing to get started, you get a proven system like you would if you bought a franchise opportunity, and you can be in profit in months rather than in years.

Therefore, if you desire more income while still working a 9 to 5 job, or to build your retirement income, then you should seriously consider working for a home business PLR opportunity.

Open you online store and start selling private label rights products as you own.

Get back to basics before you submit your private label rights (PLR) articles to online article directories. Think back to your earlier school years and dust off those skills you thought you might never use again.

If you’ve got a product or service to sell, you probably have a web site. If you don’t, you need to either get one or use affiliate or PLR sites, and then take some time to determine what kind of content you need to both attract and keep your reader’s attention in order to sell your items.

Next take a look at the PLR articles you have. Of course, the first thing to do is to make sure that the content you provide is well written and informative. Grammatical or other kinds of mistakes that come from poor writing skills are going to drive readers (and thus your traffic) away faster than anything else you might do. So go through your PLR articles, revise them to fit your marketing needs and edit them as needed.

Then before you rush off and add your byline or resource box and submit them to article submission services or directories, check the content in your articles to make sure that you haven’t made the following mistakes:

1. Don’t forget to provide useful and accurate information in your articles.

If you’re submitting your articles to generate leads and promote your products as well as your web site, you’ll want to provide articles with content that has truly interesting and accurate information that’s useful to the reader. Even though you’ll want this information to be ‘teaser’ information that will cause him or her to come to your web site and purchase the products, and it still has to be both targeted and informative.

So avoid any hype or other useless information whose only purpose is to drive traffic to your site, word about this will get around very quickly and this will actually hurt your traffic and therefore your sales. Make sure that the information you provide is absolutely targeted for your reading audience and useful to the reader by itself, not just as a means to sell your product or products.

2. Don’t forget to take every opportunity available to market your articles ‘ and then look for some more opportunities.

After you’ve made sure that you provide valuable information to your reader in your articles, look for ways to promote, promote, promote with the articles to increase traffic to your web site. Among the first of these are keywords. Although search engines are becoming increasingly ‘smart’ and you can no longer pad your articles with keywords the way you used to in order to get noticed, you can carefully include keywords sparingly in your article content that truly is relevant to what you’re talking about. This will increase links to your site and therefore, more search engine results will bring your site up in the results.

Also look for other marketing means like using snippets of you articles on blogs and in forum posts, and tagging them in social networking sites as helpful resources for others. And there’s always pay-per-click, pointing readers to your articles.

3. Don’t break the rules. Before you submit to directories, make sure that you meet their guidelines.

Internet writing is a special kind of writing, in that what you say it needs to be in relatively short and to the point, with eye-catching headlines that will make the reader want to check out the content. Then make sure that the articles you write are both free of character errors (i.e. run your content through a text editor first like Notepad) and easy to read, and that you have the allotted number of hyper links in the body of the article(s) as well as the resource box.

By taking these few steps, you’ll ensure that your web site gets the publicity you need and you’ll be able to increase your traffic and return on investment in turn. It pays to take a time out to check these few things first when using PLR articles.

When you have been online for any length of time you will know what resell digital information products means. There are many business owners online that use this to help them make money. Resell rights are very popular on the internet. So what does it mean when I say resell digital information products?

Resell or resell rights means that you have purchased a product and you have also purchased the right to sell that same product to your customers. When you get the resell rights you will be able to keep 100 percent of the profits from what you do sell.

When you buy these resell rights products you are given permission to take the product by the owner and resell it to help you make money. However, you will not be able to change the product in any way.

The way that you sell the product will depend on the terms of the transaction. With some resell right products you will be allowed to sell the product to other people but you can’t sell them the resell rights so that they can turn around and sell that same product. There are resell rights products that you can get where you can not only sell the product but you can also sell the resell rights along with it. This will mean that anyone that buys the product and resell rights from you will be able to then sell this product to their customers.

You can make good money when you use resell rights products if you find the right product. You want to make sure that you get a product that your customers eagerly want to get their hands on. Before you buy any resell rights product you want to make sure that you do some research to find out what exactly it is that your customers want. That way you will have a much easier time finding the right product and then selling it for a profit.

Usually when you hear about resell digital information products you will hear about them in the form of an eBook, software, CD or other digital items. One good thing about resell rights products is that you will not have to have a storage space for them since most of these products are in the form of information that can be downloaded online.

When you are looking for resell rights products that you can use with your business you will be able to find ones that have been written about every topic you can imagine. It is important that you get one that has to do with your business. It is also important to learn what your customers want and then provide it for them.

You can do this by putting a survey on your website, setting up your own forum or even setting up a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on your website. You can also get involved in forums and find out what other people are asking about. You will also want to make sure that you read the FAQ section of whatever forum you joined. By doing these few things you will definitely have a much better chance of finding out what people want. Then you can go out and find the product for them.

You need to remember that there will be other people who are using the same resell digital information products that you are. So you will want to come up with a unique way of getting your customers attention so that they will be more likely to buy from you over the other people out there who are selling that product.

Anyone who has been online for any length of time has heard of master resell rights for information products. The mater resell rights are some of the most valuable rights that you can purchase especially when it comes to eBooks. Usually when you get master resell rights you will get a sales letter along with the product itself. This makes it easier for you to start finding customers and to start making profits right away. So what exactly are master resell rights for information products?

When you get resell rights with a product this gives you the right to sell that product and keep all of the profit. However, with master resell rights you get a whole lot more than that. You will not only be able to sell the product but you will also be able to sell the rights to resell it to other people who buy it from you. What this means for you is that you can resell the business opportunity by selling someone else the rights to use the information product, the sales letter and the chance to generate a great income for themselves.

How do you find the best master resell rights products to sell? One important thing that you want to take into consideration with master resell rights products is how long has the product been available for sale? You need to find out if the market is already saturated with this product. You may be able to make money with products that have been available for sale for a while even if there is a saturated market already. You will just need a list of people who have not already heard of this information product because they would be more receptive to buying it.

The easiest way to get this list is to find people who are brand new to the idea of a home business for making money online. This can be easier than it seems because there are new people coming online every day that are looking for ways to make money. This would give you a chance to make a good profit from the popular internet marketing and other master resell rights products that are available.

The biggest obstacle that you will need to overcome with master resell rights is to find a market that is hungry for the products that you are selling. Then it is just a matter of giving them what they are hungry for.

Master resell rights products will cost you a little more than the other resell rights products would. However, they also give you the ability to make even more money with them than the other types of resell products. You can sell the master resell rights products for a higher profit.

You want to make sure that you take the time to find the right master resell rights products before you buy anything. One of the best ones that you can buy is with a new product that does not have a saturated market and has not been sold for years. This will take you some time to find but if you are willing to look for them then you will have a much better chance of making money faster. This is because with the new products that have a hungry market already you will be one of the first ones selling it. So taking the time to find the best master resell rights for information products will be worth the time and effort you put into it. So do some research and take your time to find the right product for you to sell. You will not regret it especially when you start making big profits with it.

If you have come to the decision that private label rights content is for you, you are already on the right track to success. But before you get to excited, you need to make sure that you get set up with a private label membership site that is reputable. After all, you do not want to be using bad content that is going to hurt your search engine rankings. When you are searching for a private label membership site, there are several things that you will want to be aware of.

First off, you will want to make sure that the membership is limited. The reason that this is important is simple. Limited membership means that not everybody in the world will have the same content as you. This will go a long way in ensuring that your content appears original at all times. Some private label membership sites will sell their content to as many people that want to buy it. Even though this may be good for them because they are making money, it is bad for the people that are using the service. Before you sign up for any private label membership site, make sure that the membership is limited. Make sure that no more than 300 other people have access to the same content as you.

Another thing that you will want to consider is how often the content is refreshed. In other words, you want to make sure that you are getting new content every month. If not, is your membership even worth while? The main point of joining a private label membership site is to get new content and keep your site up to date and fresh. If you are not getting new content once a month you are not getting your money’s worth.

Making sure that the site you belong to writes their content geared towards a specific niche is also important. After all, if you have a real estate website why would you want content that has to do with health and fitness? Avoid the sites that focus only on what’s hot and not a consistent specific niche. By doing this you will increase your chances of success ten fold.

Also, do not forget to take price into consideration. Many private label membership sites are over priced and will charge you entirely too much for their services. The best thing to do is shop around until you find a site that offers what you want for a price that you feel is fair. There is no reason to spend a hundred dollars or more per month when you can get the same quality content for only $20 or $25.

And of course, make sure that the content you are getting is professionally written and of the highest quality. If you are going to be posting this content to your website you want to make sure that it is usable; not fluff.

Finding a quality private label membership site is possible. By following the steps outlined above you should not have any problems getting the content that you need for a price you can afford.

When it comes to marketing online, there can’t be enough said about the value of fresh content. After all, content attracts web crawlers to your site and helps you to get indexed by the major search engines. Not only that, but content also serves as a tool for communicating with your current and prospective clients.

It’s probably because of this ‘ along with the increasing popularity of adding free reports and article marketing ‘ that have made private labels rights products and articles so popular and easy to find.

Private label rights take an article or an ebook and turn it around into something that you can say that you have written. At first glance, that sounds great, doesn’t it?

You can get the credit for writing an article or an ebook, you don’t have to spend the time writing it, and ‘ thanks to auction sites like eBay ‘ it doesn’t even cost much to have your own informational article or product.

In many cases, when you purchase an ebook with private label rights, you’ll receive a checklist of what you can do with the product. It will tell you that the product can:

‘ be edited;
‘ be relabeled with your name as the author;
‘ be broken down into individual articles (in the case of an ebook);
‘ be used as content for your website without attribution;
‘ be sold or offered as a bonus to your customers;
‘ be published offline.

It still sounds good, doesn’t it? With an article or ebook and private label rights, you’ll have everything that you need in order to provide an information product ‘ or will you?

You see, with all of the things that seem so great about private label rights, there’s one huge disadvantage: you are not the only one who has these rights.

Even if the original producer of the content limited the sale to five copies, at least four other people will have the same rights to the content. Without making changes, that means that any one article could be posted ‘ unedited ‘ to an article directory with five different ‘authors’ credited.

If each person who bought that content also sells five copies, suddenly there are thirty copies of that same article. If each of the twenty five purchasers sells five copies. . . Well, suddenly private label rights seems to be a little bit less of a great thing.

Think about it:

‘ How much would your credibility as an expert on a topic be damaged if others were able to claim rights to your content?

‘ How would you really be able, with certainty, to market a product as your own without a risk that someone could buy the same content with a different name and different author when they were seeking additional information?

‘ Would you really be offering your customers or readers something of value if you only offered private label rights information?

Of course your credibility could come into question if all you used were private label rights articles and ebooks. You wouldn’t be offering your customers unique content or information, and as a result you’d likely be offering them something of a lesser value than they anticipated.

Private label rights products serve a purpose: for those who are willing to take a chance, who want to have a product or service and who don’t know how to go about creating one, private label rights are an easy way out. However, taking the easy way out isn’t always the easy way of doing things.

While it may be more expensive or more time consuming, having an original article or ebook written exclusively for you or your business is the only way to ensure that you’re offering your customers something of quality.

What’s so great about private label rights? As long as others keep using them, your custom products provide more value and, in time, your customer base will grow while others’ fail.

Since the existence of the Internet, business had been far better than before. This is because the Internet provides more effective means of distributing information about the products and the business all at the same time to the world in a matter of seconds.

For this reason, most businesses know that the large number of the online business will definitely increase the income-generating possibility of the business.

However, most online entrepreneurs assume that for an online business to grow and generate good income in the Internet, the business must have its own product. This is because everything is a sale, even the thoughts that you have in your mind could count as a product for sale when presented in the Internet for other people’s use.

But opposing to most popular beliefs, having your own product does not limit you to the many possibilities of earning more by using a “license” that is attached with an “information product” that you may purchase online. These are known as Private Label Rights.

Private Label Rights is one of the three “basic rights” that are embodied in the concept of Resale Rights marketing. Among the three, Private Label Rights are considered as the most moneymaking and rewarding.

Private Label Rights are represented in a certificate or authorization that is attached with an “information item.” The basics of Private Label Rights is to permit people to transform, reorganize, change, or improve the elements of the said merchandise to go well with the buyer’s personal desires and yearnings.

For example, if you own a Private Label Rights, you are allowed to separate the contents of an ebook, and convince somebody to buy the contents as sequence of pieces of writing.

One of the greatest things about Private Label Rights is that you can actually do the same thing inversely. For instance, if you were able to buy a set of information products like a collection of articles embodied with Private Label Rights, you can easily bring them together without the risk of some law-related predicaments. Hence, you can collect different articles from different owners. With a common thought, you can come up with a creative masterpiece of information.

In addition, with Private Label Rights, you can simply customize the contents on the product to make it more meaningful and creative, therefore, creating an impression of having a product of your own.

Best of all, you can even put your name as the author of the product. This is the most rewarding aspect of having Private Label Rights. In this way, you do not have to acknowledge the primary author of the work.

So for those who are not yet aware of the rewards of using Private Label Rights, here is a list of some of the advantages:

1. It is just the thing for marking your name and your business’ name.

You can easily acquire informative products that you can use as your own with Private Label Rights. This creates an impression that you are making your own product and that you are a professional and a skilled person on the given field. In turn, you get the trust that you need in order to compel them to buy your product.

2. It triggers creativity.

One of the best things about Private Label Rights is that you can be creative in a thousand and one ways. This is because you can pull together the different elements and come up with a new and near-original work without having any difficulty of creating such product.

3. Develop a product!

With Private Label Rights, you can simply customize or improve a product if ever it does not fit your taste or needs. In this way, you can both cut back wasteful time by looking for products that are totally worthless or save more money by avoiding to create a whole new product.

However, even if some people contend that it is totally unethical for a person to sell the Private Label Rights for his creations, one cannot simply surmise the fact that engaging into this kind of activity is also beneficial to the seller especially if the product is already nearing the closing stages of its “market life.”

This goes to show that people must learn how to give way to any possible changes to any product that might have already lost its income-generating potential. By allowing other people to modify or enhance the features of certain products, the advancement of such products will continue to take place. And so, the cycle will go on.

Indeed, the basics of Private Label Rights are not just necessary for most of the Internet marketers who wish to earn more income aside from their own products but also for the whole market as well. This is because the whole system of a give and take relationship dwells in the business and that is exactly where income generates its power.

If you’re receiving many internet marketing newsletters at all right now, you’re probably hearing about new private label articles at least every couple weeks. They’re the hot way to build sites quickly and look like an expert, earn AdSense income, etc.

But do they really work that well?

So much depends on the quality of the articles themselves. I’ve bought private label articles myself. Some were great. Others were pure, unusable junk that got basic facts wrong. All from the same private label article site. So much depends on the particular writer assigned to the topic.

Now, I’m the kind who likes to be unique, so I was rewriting quite extensively. In fact, I dropped my membership on realizing that I was spending quite a bit of time rewriting. The articles I got were often little more than research or inspiration for me. The title alone was enough in some cases.

Of course, I’m not everyone. Lots of people don’t enjoy writing, so for them private label articles are a wonderful addition to their business. I’d still suggest making a few changes, and definitely check for accuracy.

There are some factors you need to consider when choosing a resource for private label articles. Accuracy, as mentioned above, is quite important, as is the quality of writing. You don’t have to be a good writer to recognize good writing.

However, you also need to take a look at the terms of the website. What are the rules for using the articles? What if you quit? How many other members can there be?

I started writing this article after getting an email advertising a new turnkey private label article membership site. It’s limited in its membership, but I wonder what restrictions there are for members offering membership to the sites they run using this technology. Are the articles all the same for everyone?

Since you know that others will have the chance to use the private label articles you buy with a membership, you need to consider how many others you might be competing with. On average, most members will do nothing with the articles they get on these sites, but some articles and subjects will prove more popular than others. Since you can’t know in advance, you want to be certain that membership is limited and the articles aren’t being distributed across several different private label sites.

Is there any way to be sure of this? Not really. The best you can do is find out what others think of the membership you are considering. Honest opinions can be hard to come by, so take a little time with your research. You can also take a look at the guarantee, and be ready to use it if the articles are honestly not what you needed.

Do I have a favorite private label article site? No, so I won’t be pitching one here myself. I was a member of one for a while, but as I said, quality ranged from good to poor. I might try one again in the future, but for now it’s an area I’ll leave alone.

They are a good way to get content for your site, certainly easier and cheaper than hiring a writer. But make certain that you know how you are going to use the articles and make the most of your investment.

Private Resell Rights: What They Are and What It Means

Each day, a large number of individuals use the internet. Many of those individuals are looking for ways to make money online. The only problem with using the internet to research money making opportunities is that there are a large number of online scams. These scams many not only dash your homes of making money online, but they may also leave you broke. That is why it is important that you fully understand each online money making opportunity before investing or signing a contract.

As previously mentioned, a large number of individuals use the internet to search for money making ideas and opportunities. In fact, there are so many individuals doing this that there is a good chance that you are one of them. In your search, you may have come across an opportunity claiming that you can make money by reselling private label products. The good news about these opportunities is that, in most cases, they are a legitimate. The bad news is that many of these offers rarely go into detail. This means that you may not even know what you are getting or what you are supposed to do to make money.

When it comes to making money online, there are many individuals who move on to the next opportunity when they do not fully understand how one works. If you do this with private label reselling, you may be missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime. Instead of moving on to the next money making opportunity, you are advised to learn as much as you can about private label resell rights. After you have familiarized yourself with this amazing opportunity, you may very well find that it is a great way to make money.

Private label resell products cover a wide variety of different things. Online, you will find that most of these products include software programs, e-books, articles, and source codes. These are products are popular because they are high in demand. For instance, many webmasters use articles to increase the content on their website. Software programs are increasing in popularity as more businesses make the decision to be unified, computer wise. E-books are rapidly increasing in popularity, especially as more individuals are finding them cheaper than printed books. Source codes, similar to html codes, are essential to the development of online websites.

While e-books, software programs, and content articles are needed, as detailed above, there are many individuals who do not have the time or the necessary skills to develop their own programs or content. Instead, they often hire professional assistance. The only problem with professional assistance is that it is often expensive. A professional writer or software developer can charge as much as they want for their services and many of them charge large amounts. Instead, individuals and businesses, in need of software or content, look for cheaper alternatives. One of those alternatives may involve purchasing a product from you.

Private label software programs, content articles, and e-books are often developed by experienced professionals. The only problem is that many of these individuals do not have the time or the experience needed to market their products to the public. Without proper marketing, there is a good chance their product will never sell. So, instead of marketing their products, private label product creators will then up and sell the rights to their product. However, the money making opportunity is when you are granted resell rights. Resell rights mean that you can resell the products that you just purchased, often for any price that you want.

What does this mean for you? This means that, for a reasonable price, you should not only be able to purchase a software program, and e-book, or content articles, but you are also purchasing the rights to resell these products. So, in a way, you will be making money without having to do any work. Sound impossible doesn’t it? Honestly, it is not. As long as you are able to find a reliable and trustworthy software developer or writer to business with, you will be participating in a legitimate business opportunity.

If this opportunity sounds like something you would be interested in, you are advised to get searching. Online, you will find a number of these private label resell opportunities. With a little bit of time and research you could find the perfect product and then you could be on your way to making money, all the while sitting from the comfort of your own home.


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So you have finished writing your own e-book. Everything is already polished and it is now ready to be distributed. You have already done some promotion about it here and there. And you are now waiting for results to pour in.

However, there are some more ways that you can do to increase your sales through your e-book. Being the author of your e-book, you have all the rights to do whatever you want with it. You have the control over the contents of your e-book. With that fact, you have the master resell (or resale) rights of your e-book

Gaining the master resell rights of an e-book means huge profit and a return of investment that is unheard of in the outside world. If you have the master resell rights of an e-book, you have the right to sell the e-book to other people, and those who purchase it will also have the same right to sell it again to others.

How does master resell rights earn you a lot of money? Let us say you purchased an e-book with master resell rights for $47. Since you have the master rights, you will resell the e-book for the same price. Having just one sale already makes you break-even. Of course, you wouldn’t stop with just one customer. If you sell 11 more copies, that means a whopping 1000% profit just on that single e-book.

If you want your e-book to be viral, which means to spread out exponentially, applying the concept of master resell rights can be helpful. However, for it to get distributed easier in a short time, we must apply one principle of viral marketing. That principle is giving away something for free.

You may ask – how can you earn when you give away your e-book for free? Being the author of the e-book gives you full control on what is inside it. You can have as many links as you want inside your e-book. But just do not make the links too obvious for readers not to get skeptical about your e-book.

Those links that you put on your e-book lead to your site. So once a reader clicks on a link, it is already one possible customer for you.

But how do you make it viral? Giving away your e-book for free is just one part of the strategy. Yes, you can earn from there but not as much as you would of your e-book gets viral. So for that to happen, you can offer master resell rights of your e-book to your customers.

You can give an option to your customers to either get your e-book for free or add just a very minimal fee to obtain master resell rights for the e-book as well. But why would they pay for the master resell rights? It is simply because with that right, they can customize all the links of your e-book and change them with their own affiliate code.

Having their own affiliate code on those pages of your e-book will earn them commissions from your site. Other than that, having master resell rights will allow them to sell or give away your e-book to their customers, and those customers can do the same with their own set of customers.

With all those possibilities, they will definitely be motivated to pass more and more of your e-book. Not only do they earn commissions from your site, they also get some income by also selling master resell rights or just resell rights.

Once that happens, you will just realize that your e-book indeed has gone viral and your site gaining more and more traffic with increased sales as well. And all these happened just by giving away your e-book for free and adding master resell rights for a minimal fee.

There is no doubt that viral marketing is really the future of internet marketing. It guarantees huge outcome with only little effort and small cost on your part. Viral marketing will soon overcome all those traditional marketing and advertising where one should spend thousands of dollars just to gain maximum exposure.

So once you already have your product and have finished creating an e-book for that product, better start distributing it now and make it viral to maximize your profit to its full potential.

When entering the Internet marketing world, you’re bound to come across the term “private label rights.” So, what does it mean?

When you’re talking rights, it’s usually in regard to articles, software, ebooks, etc. which are intellectual property. Private label rights (PLR) apply when the author of said product gives you the right to alter it in any way you see fit and to claim it as your own. You may also sell the new product you’ve created, but you can’t offer the original product and rights in the same way that you purchased them. What you can and cannot do is always specified in the private label rights agreement that came along with your purchase.

To resell a product and offer PLR rights, you need master resale rights. These allow you to resell the product, as is, to anyone so that they can sell it in the same way that you purchased yours. You probably can’t change it in any way, unless you also bought private label rights with it. You may be able to give the product away or to use it as a bonus with another product, but those rights are listed in the master resale rights agreement that you received in the deal.

Always check the legal agreements before deciding what to do with the private label or master resale rights product you bought. There may be restrictions. For example, some products must be given away freely, while others sold at a specific price. But there are other issues that could arise. For example doesn’t approve of private label rights articles or any article that promotes their use, so if you’re planning to upload PLR content to an article directory, it will be a problem. Of course, it’s easy to understand why.

Many people are apt to buy PLR content, and some of them may rewrite it, while others won’t. That might be OK for your own website, but article directories don’t want hundreds copies of the same article being uploaded to their servers with different authors’ names.

Not only that but the quality of the articles is often poor. You’ll need to rewrite the content regardless of where you put it, and that’s especially true if you want unique content. If you don’t substantially rewrite the articles, they won’t help you much at all.

Internet marketing with duplicate content won’t bring much search engine advantage because when there are dozens of the same article out there, only one site will get credit from Google for having it. But imagine, too, a client seeing your name on an article they read elsewhere, supposedly written by someone else. Using private label rights articles “as-is” can hurt your credibility in the Internet marketing world.

If you’re one of those people who just can’t come up with something to write about, private label rights content can be the answer, if you use it properly. Treat them as a guideline for doing your own work. If you don’t make the new articles substantially different, you’ll be very limited in where they can be placed, and you can’t resell them, unless you bought master resale rights, too. If you go the PLR route, do it wisely. Don’t use them just so you can slap some content up on the Web. Though they might be OK in a bind, PLR material might be more work than you think.

PLR has been a big buzzword in the online community over the past 6 months or so. As webmasters we are always looking for more good content to add to our sites. Unfortunately there isn’t always the time to write articles on all the topics we would like to cover, especially if we are managing multiple websites.

One option to get great content is to have it written for you by a ghostwriter. There are quite a few good ghostwriters out there and if you take a little time to weed out the good from the bad, you can find someone that will write you high quality content for about $8-12 per article. Considering how much extra traffic and revenue a well-written article can bring you, that’s no bad investment. At the same time, if you need lots of fresh content, it can quickly add up to a hefty price tag.

What’s the alternative? PLR articles. PLR stands for Private Label Rights. Some one has a few articles written on a particular topic and then sells a few other people the right to use the article as their own, change the content as they see fit and without having to add a resource box with a link back to the original owner of the article.

As mentioned above, the article is only sold to a limited number of people (how many will of course vary from one PLR site to the next), which means that you won’t find thousands of copies of the same article all over the web. Because the articles are sold to several people, the cost per article is much lower. How low will in part depend on how many other members will receive the article in addition to you. You will often end up paying less than a dollar or even just a few cents per article.

PLR articles are the perfect balance for a Webmaster on a budget. You get plenty of content for your site, without having to spend a fortune.

For those that are new to the internet and trying to make a living with its use, private label rights content is a subject that needs investigating. Through the use of search engines, the explanation of just exactly what private label rights content is will be answered for the newbie. Other questions that need to be answered will include: where to get and use them and just exactly how they are used to make money. In order for someone to make a substantial amount on the internet, the use of private label rights content is necessary.

One of the first things to understand about private label rights content is what exactly it is. A loose definition would be “any intellectual property for which private label rights are transferred.” Generally, if a work can be copyrighted, it can theoretically be the subject of private label rights. These rights have been applied to software, business documents, works of art, graphic designs, and many other items of this type of property. However, in today’s market, private label rights articles and private label rights ebooks are perhaps the most common subjects of this hot topic.

After an understanding of private label rights are gained, the question of where to find this material is still at hand. Articles with private label rights and private label ebooks are available from a wide variety of sources. Some articles are even sold on ebay. Others are available for download from many private label rights resellers on the internet. Some companies have found a private rights resell niche and focus exclusively on this. Others sell private label rights as supplemental income.

For some websites, a membership purchase is required to receive private label rights material. The membership may give access to a limited number of downloads. Generally, private label rights membership sites limit the number of copies of their material that can be downloaded or purchased. This minimizes the chances of the content that bought suddenly appearing all over the internet.

When purchasing a subscription, understand clearly and precisely which rights are and are not included in the material purchase. What one can do with the articles depend largely on each seller’s conditions. If website material is being purchased, make sure to have the distribution rights. If the plan is to sell the content — in ebooks, for example — resell rights are required. If questions exist as to the rights available by the membership purchase, contacting a qualified attorney specializing in intellectual property law may be needed in order to avoid any penalties incurred.

Owning and selling articles with private label rights can be a lucrative business. However, this is not a “get-rich-quick” scheme. Several legalities exist around the subject. Before beginning a business that deals with private label rights and their content, a little background research will be necessary. Through this research, a person will be able to find an endless supply of these types of information. If questions still exist after checking everything out, a specialized attorney may be necessary. But before that, google until the heart is content about private label rights content.

Much of innovation is dedicated to finding not the easiest way to reach a goal, but the most efficient way. Efficiency saves time and energy. But too many Internet marketers confuse ‘efficient’ with ‘easy.’

The excessive use of private label rights articles is annexample of how seeking the easy way can lead to failure. These articles seem to be an effective way to establish a reputation on the Web and to deliver visitors to a Website. Using them also appears to be an efficient strategy, saving the time and energy it takes to research and write an article yourself. But, in fact, buying a private label rights article, slapping your name on it and submitting it as your own content can be the quickest way not to achieve your goal. This short-cut to building an online presence and Website traffic results in gross self-deception. You are not making as much progress as you might believe. Submitting private label rights articles day after day, month after month leaves a paper trail that identifies you as a goldbricker or, even worse, as a thief, because oftentimes these articles are pilfered or stitched together from copyrighted material.

Innovation suffers

But even if you use these articles and are not stigmatized, slip under the search engines’ radar and avoid being blacklisted by the article directories, you are still participating in subversive activity. An entire canon of law is dedicated to protecting products of the intellect. This underscores the importance of ideas to progress ‘ original ideas. The bigger crime in stealing an idea is not that it robs the author of remuneration and recognition; the real evil is that it contributes in its small way to the insidious erosion of a cardinal requirement of human survival: innovation.

Regardless of the fact that private label rights articles might be stolen material, using them deprives society of your potential to generate new ideas or state an old idea in an original way. That said, using these articles as a starting point, rewriting them to incorporate new and compelling content is acceptable. But judging from the comments of the editor of, a leading article directory, a solid rewrite is rare. To counter the problem, has deployed a program that identifies submissions that are duplicates and filters them.

The number of article directories is growing rapidly, and people visit them to download content for their Websites. But the big search engines are on the lookout for duplicate material. Google, with its ‘Do No Evil’ slogan, is reportedly out to slay the private label rights monster one article at a time. This means ‘your’ article (and the link back to your Web page) might be relegated to the Web junk heap. Obtaining and submitting a private label rights article as is can be a big waste of time. So much for efficiency.

Credibility takes a hit

The four private label rights options are purchasing the label rights, licensing them, purchasing software that builds the article from other private label rights material and subscribing to sites that offer the articles for a monthly fee. There are not enough conscientious authors around to support the ever-growing crop of directories, which means that sub par content will have to be gobbled up or a lot of these directories will have to go out of business. Demand will not dry up, because there will always be a surfeit of lazy people trying to make money in Internet marketing as easy as they can. For example, one tactic is to use private label rights articles to speed the construction of a Website, while submitting original content to the directories to get a back link. Compounding the problem, many Webmasters do not have the time to proof read every submission thoroughly. This could be a problem. A study by Stanford University’s Persuasive Technology Lab shows that inaccurate information and typographical errors severely compromise a Website’s credibility.

You need good content to find success in Internet marketing. Developing content is not easy, but it is easier if you write from passion. This is not original advice, but it bares repeating ad nauseam because the message has a difficult time getting through the mindset that grips the Internet, namely that an online enterprise is a way to make money without a lot of work. As long as this view is widely accepted, devices such as private label rights articles will be in demand. But for those who know better, true success on the Web can be just a little bit of original writing away.

Copyright ‘ Arnold Stockard

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